How Would You Like to Know Exactly What to Eat to Build Muscle, Burn Fat, and Get Healthy...Without Starving or Stuffing Yourself Silly or Suffering Through a Strange, Overly Restrictive “Diet”?
I’m honored by the thousands of people that have taken my teachings to heart. I’m always looking to document these inspiring, life-changing success stories. People that have lost 20, 30, 50, even 100+ pounds and taken back control of their lives...
How Would You Like A Custom Meal Plan Created Just For You... Tailored To the Foods You Love, and Designed To Support Your Lifestyle…
If you want the easiest way to diet, I have good news: There’s a way to get a meal plan built specifically for you and your body. What’s more, you can guarantee this meal plan will help you lose weight. In fact… if you’ve ever wanted to eat better, lose weight and even save money while losing weight… there’s no better, faster or easier way than having your own, custom meal plan.

The most important part is the word “custom.” Because when I say “custom” meal plan… I mean it. 

Nothing makes me more frustrated than paying for a meal plan designed by a “guru” and getting the same stuff everyone else recommends - chicken… brown rice… oatmeal… eggs… every single day. (Yes, this is the type of “custom” meal plan I’ve received from “gurus” who you know and trust.)

Instead, a custom meal plan should take into account the foods you like… the foods you hate… your schedule… your workout times and length… and a variety of different factors that make you, you. 

That’s why we do our custom meal plans differently. 

We build every meal plan from scratch. So we can work with any and all budgetary and dietary needs: Vegan… vegetarian… Paleo… food allergies… food availabilities… and any other food preferences or restrictions, you name it. 

However you like to eat (within reason) is how we build your meal plan.
Here’s How the Process Works…
You complete your order, and then fill out a detailed questionnaire on your goals, schedule, eating preferences, and more.
We use your answers to create your meal plan which will be emailed to you in under 14 business days from the time we receive your completed questionnaire.
You’re notified via email that your meal plan is ready. You check it out and let us know if any tweaks are needed. If not, you get rolling.
If, at any time along the way, you run into any issues, we’re always available via email to answer any questions you might have and ensure everything goes smoothly for you.
When you order your custom meal plan, you also
get access to several helpful guides:
BONUS #1 - "Get Ripped Fast" Manual
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BONUS #2 - "25 Fat Burning Workouts That Work FAST"
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BONUS #3 - "Ultimate Abs" 
"Ultimate Abs" consists of  21 amazing abdominal workouts that will help you get a 6 pack faster thank you ever thought possible! 
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Custom Meal Plan: $200
"Get Ripped Fast" Manual $39
"25 Fat Burning Workouts That Work FAST" $97
"Ultimate Abs" $96

Total Value $334
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